Meet the Maker

Hello There!

My name is Joey and over the past few years, I have adopted another alias: Joey Dots. I enjoy a warm home with my lovely wife, our new daughter Freya and our fur child Stewie. Stewie likes to claim his spot as the obligatory “shop dog,” and he does it well.

Outside of being Joey Dots, I work in home remodeling, which allows me to develop the skills needed to morph my creative abilities into something more. This all came to fruition in the latter half of my 20’s. I’ve always had an itch for creating things, so naturally over the years I would challenge myself across various mediums. One morning, I woke up and it just clicked…DOTS.

My early dot career was strictly two-dimensional: I would lay a bunch of dots down on regular canvases. I ended up graduating to wood canvases and something about the wood really caught my intrigue. With my background and experience as a handyman, I decided to elevate my work into another dimension. I started to blend my dots with intarsia: the art of creating a mosaic like image from multiple pieces of wood.  

This has culminated into what you see before you today! What is even better is that my work is always evolving, and I can’t wait to share with the world what is still in store!